China Brilliant Group (CBG), established in 2006, has 16 branches, subsidiaries and holding companies, and more than 1,000 staff with a registered capital of USD 14.5 million and over USD 145 million assets. It possesses some integrated platforms, like integrated circulation business platform, the integrated foreign trade service platform, private-owned financial management platform, cross-border e-commerce platform and smart  logistics platform, and is dedicated to providing high-quality services for real economy and industrial manufacture. CBG has expanded its business in more than 200 large and medium-sized cities around the nation, North and South America, South Asia, Africa and other regions. CBG serves nearly 10000 customers in the upstream and downstream of service industry chain, provides a full set of supply chain service, including comprehensive service for cross-border management, precision storage, procurement and sale around the country, supply chain finance, exhibition and transaction, CHINA RAILWAY Express, and has superior advantages over the industries of mechanical devices, electronic communications, medical facilities, smart hardware, robots and high-end consumer goods, etc.

Based on advantages of technologies, CBG has obtained 56 software writing rights and numbers of product certificates on cross-border, warehousing, logistics, finance and e-commerce, etc., which has won advanced AEO Certificate. Besides, it has been listed on Top 500 of China Private Enterprises for three consecutive years . As the leading enterprise of the industry, since its establishment, CBG has succeeded with a general revenue of over RMB 100.3 billion, and pays taxes of over RMB 22.0 billion(including customs tax and VAT). And the import and export general trade volume has reached USD 354 billion. As a pilot, it leads the industrial development.

Persisting in the value of "Diligence, Harmonious, Innovation and Sharing", CBG advocates the "Bee" spirit of "Making efforts earns respect, being professional earns trust". Under the guidance of "Piety" culture of "piety is the foundation of all virtues, practice is the foundation of all projects". It provides comprehensive welfare systems and development channels for staff, and donates about USD 14.5 million for village construction, education assistance, poverty alleviation and publicity for the public, upholding its social responsibility.

In the future, CBG views "Five Crosswise & Three Lengthways" as its development strategy, and lays out the international strategy of "41111", to meet production needs, reduce circulation costs, and improve product values, so as to become the integrated service provider in global manufacturing and consumption.