Cross-border E-Commerce Platform

The key points of the manufacturing industry basically are: the fragmentation of service resources and lack of resource integration capability; target customers are not able to solve the problems between production and logistics services within a system; the cost of operation & communication is too high.

The Survival and Development Problems of Manufacturing Industry

The Shared Ecosystem of Economic Service in CBG

With the continuous progress of "Made in China, 2025", Chinese manufacturing enterprises will shift from traditional manufacturing to smart manufacturing. Supply chain will also associate with the development of manufacturing industry, and constantly enrich the service chain, restructure the value chain to promote industrial upgrading. Located in the industrial supply chain, CBG is committed to create an industrial supply chain service ecosystem of 3-in-1 Chains, integrated development.

3-in-1 Chains, Integrated Development

BEE EXPO: First Industry 4.0 Cross-border E-commerce Integration Service Platform in China

Orientation: Service-oriented e-commerce (service first, sales second) platform. To provide better services for the core requirements of the factory as well as those aspects in the manufacturing and circulation sector, Bee Expo provides equipment, semi-finished products, raw materials, and other relevant production materials as well as their procurement, customs clearance, logistics and financial services. Meanwhile, it provides the R&D, design, testing of products and other value-added services at supply ends by cooperating with the third-party service providers. In terms of products sales, it promotes the domestic and overseas expansion, display, experience, marketing and sales of products that derived from the downstream of factories.

Bee Expo

CBG INDUSTRY E CENTER:  First Industrial Supply Chain Offline Experience Platform in China

China Brilliant Industry E Center is mainly divided into 3 parts: China Brilliant E Center, Manufacturing E Hall, Living E Hall with an area of 2,460 square meters, which combines production, life, display, experience, culture, training, docking, negotiation and other functions to a whole. China Brilliant Industry E Center provides procurement, logistics, intelligent warehousing, foreign trade, customs clearance, finance and other complete process supply chain services, focusing on solving the survival problems of manufacturing enterprises. The E Center will also provide scientific and technological innovation, industrial design, proofing, testing and certification and exhibition services by utilizing the shared economy and associating with the third-party service providers, so as to provide a full set of supply chain service from product R&D, production, testing, marketing, promotion, sale to after-sale service for enterprises.

Partial Area Display in Industry E Center

Investment & Cooperation

CBG sincerely invites factories, logistics companies, agents, hospital beauty institutions, scientific research institutes, foreign institutions, business associations, banks and other institutions to create an industry 4.0 and a shared ecosystem of economic service.

List of the Target Products or Services