Cross-border E-Commerce Platform

The key points of the manufacturing industry basically are: the fragmentation of service resources and lack of resource integration capability; target customers are not able to solve the problems between production and logistics services within a system; the cost of operation & communication is too high.

The Survival and Development Problems of Manufacturing Industry

The Shared Ecosystem of Economic Service in CBG

With the continuous progress of "Made in China, 2025", Chinese manufacturing enterprises will shift from traditional manufacturing to smart manufacturing. Supply chain will also associate with the development of manufacturing industry, and constantly enrich the service chain, restructure the value chain to promote industrial upgrading. Located in the industrial supply chain, CBG is committed to create an industrial supply chain service ecosystem of 3-in-1 Chains, integrated development.

3-in-1 Chains, Integrated Development

China Brilliant MRO: Non-core material purchase platform

     China Brilliant MRO is an opening purchase platform for company to buy manufacturer tools, abrasive tool, vehicle post-market, low pressure industrial control, tighten seal, labour protection tool, laboratory product, instrument and meter, office supply, logistics, storage room, chemical material, etc. The store has SKU 200,000+, collaborate SKU 600,000+, solve the purchasing problem of Chinese MRO market for those industrial customers.

China Brilliant MRO

China Brilliant industrial store

  China Brilliant industrial store start with flagship store, central store, park store, those three kinds models, LiLang flagship store located at LongGang LiLang Wellside industrial park, 1500 m2, it includes MRO exhibition area, MRO central storage room, office supply area etc, at first period set 12 cargo shelf, it integrates the whole MRO products system, which includes exhibition, storage room, sales, and training.  

Industrial store area showing map

Investment & Cooperation

CBG sincerely invites factories, logistics companies, agents, hospital beauty institutions, scientific research institutes, foreign institutions, business associations, banks and other institutions to create an industry 4.0 and a shared ecosystem of economic service.

List of the Target Products or Services